What can the ACF offer you?

  • Feed your passion for food through membership in the largest culinary organization, and the only organization promoting the professional image of American chefs worldwide through education of culinarians at all levels.
  • Big Savings!
    • Up to $150 savings on Certification & Practical Test Fees
    • Up to $275 savings on registration fees at the ACF regional and national conferences
    • 10–50% savings on products and services from our Members Advantage Program participants
    • Up to $500 savings on Conferences and Trade Shows from culinary industry partners
  • Network with renowned chefs, top industry professionals and executives.
  • Propel your career through Certification. Maintain your competitive edge in today’s evolving culinary industry.
  • Competitions. Raise the standard of your culinary excellence through participation in our local, regional or national ACF-sanctioned competitions. Put your skills and knowledge to the test in a competitive format.
  • Scholarship for both culinary students and professional chefs seeking to further their education.

Chapter Involvement Participation & Service

Our way of saying thank you to dedicated members of our local chapter.

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How are they earned??

  • Host a meeting.
  • Chair a committee or sit on the BOD.
  • Attend monthly meetings.
  • Contribute to newsletters and chapter needs such as educational seminars.
  • Participate in community events related Chef & Child and Chefs Move to Schools.
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How do you know if an event is CHIPS eligible??

If it does not have any history, eligibility is voted on by the Board of Directors. Questions to consider for eligibility are: were funds raised for the sustainability of the chapter? and -did the event give the chapter positive recognition?

All events must be documented with pictures and supporting material detailing the scope of the event and submitted within 30 days of the event.

i've earned some chips, now what?

How CHIPS can be used:

Non members can accrue chips but only members can redeem them unless they are being used for initial membership.

In order to use chips, membership must be current. Chips can be used to keep membership current.

CHIPS may not EVER be disbursed as cash.

Chapter will not disburse more than 550 (equivalent to a conference registration) to any one chef at a time.

Chapter reserves the right to cap CHIP disbursement on a per month basis or event specific basis.

CHIP disbursement requests must be approved by the Board of Directors.

Members are not allowed to carry a negative CHIP balance.

CHIPS will expire if a member is non-active or does not renew for a 3 year period from his/her membership renewal date.